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Wendy Seebohar

Wendy Seebohar was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana and was raised in Littleton, Colorado. She currently resides in beautiful Roxborough, Colorado with her husband and three active kids. Wendy's paintings are largely inspired by the landscape of the Colorado foothills and mountains. 

Wendy started her creative career as a successful jewelry designer and metalsmith. She started painting as a way to work creatively in a larger scale to balance out the small and intricate work of metal-smithing. She quickly fell in love with this medium and, after several years of painting canvases for family and friends, decided to make the career change. 

A self-taught artist, Wendy works mostly in acrylics painting landscapes, florals and nature inspired by the Colorado views. Wendy seeks to bring a piece of the outdoors into homes. Drawn to texture and imperfection, she incorporates everything from concrete, plaster, etchings and layers upon layers of paining into each creation. Each painting is a spontaneous combination of intuition and layers. Each piece is worked and reworked with mistakes often leading to the best part of the final painting. 

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