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Valorie Snyder

Artist's Statement:


I paint to capture a fleeting moment and preserve it for all time. It may be the momentary expression of a child or light dancing through trees in a landscape. 

My desire is to depict people in a way that tells a story and draws the viewer (you) into the painting to remember your story. That story often has a universal truth that connects us all. Every person is uniquely beautiful, created in God's Image. My calling is to see and portray that special beauty, personality, and heart.

In landscapes my intent is to create the sense of being there - to illuminate the beauty all around us that we may overlook. Perhaps you will allow yourself to be drawn into the scene for a moment of quiet reflection and rest, secluded from this hurried and busy world. With art, you can retreat to that place anytime you wish.


About Valorie:


Colorado artist, Valorie Snyder, has exhibited in local and national shows and galleries throughout her 30-year career. Her award-winning art has been featured in several solo shows.


Valorie creates portraits and other custom oil paintings. She works closely with clients in creating their special work of art. Call or email to receive tips, information, and pricing on custom work.



Lost Ladybug
Birds Eye View
Lost in the Music


Phone: 303-347-9940

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