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Teri McCans

Teri McCans, creating art is an opportunity to transform her experiences into a visual language that is accessible, yet reflects the world’s complexity. Her work is a testament of a true dedication to being witness to the world around her and an obligation she feels to inspire others with her experiences. 


Following the tragic events of 9/11, despite her dedication to art, McCans joined the military after graduating high school, feeling a desire to contribute to the safety and security of her country. During her military related travels and training, McCans never stopped creating and she used those experiences to motivate and inspire her art. 


In 2014, McCans’ life and interests took her art westward and landed her just outside of Denver, Colorado, where she continued exploring color and redeveloping her love for black and white graphic images. 


McCans continues to draw significant inspiration from her two overseas combat tours in Iraq, previous service as a firefighter, and her current role in law enforcement. These experiences give her a unique perspective on the world and affect her work profoundly. Her work explores themes of conflict and the ideas of stability vs. fragility, strength vs. weakness, and male vs. female. Although her work is influenced from personal narrative, McCans has been praised for how her use of color, shape, and form is universal and recognizable. 

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