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Steve Sorenson

Traveler-Fine Art Photographer

Every photograph has a special story, every photograph can be reproduced time and again…however the moment the image was captured will never come again. That moment is irreplaceable.

Whether the image is of a Fur Seal perched magnificently on a rock taken while being pitched and tossed in a Zodiac in Antarctica or the heart stopping moment when a white lioness steps from the bush in South Africa. Every photo has meaning from the moment they were taken, not only for beauty that was captured but that they all represent something significant of this earth. There is beauty everywhere (when we look) and it demands living beyond the ordinary. 

My mission is to transport you to that time and place. At the very least share my vision of a world worth knowing. 

Following my bliss means traveling the Seven Continents and capturing those adventures with my photographs and adventures. 

George Santayana, said, “The earth has its music for those who will listen”, I believe the earth has music for those who go deeper, actually “see” and thereby discover this world anew.

Be a part of the adventure, I invite you to reach-out, ask a question, share your travel story’s.

Please touch base through my website or via email. -

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