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Mary Lou Steenrod

When I began creating pottery in 1971, I had no art background, but I immediately fell in love with the medium. The focus required for throwing on the wheel, the feeling of the clay, the complexity of the process, all of these appealed to me and offered a welcome diversion from the stresses of work and raising a family. My education in clay included classes at community centers, primarily the Jewish Community Center, and several years at Arapahoe Community College, supplemented by many workshops with nationally and internationally known potters. Most of my work is functional as I attempt to bring art into daily activities.


As a member of the Colorado Potters Guild, I have found a peer group to continue exploring my medium, an experience I have found to be challenging, humbling, invigorating, and even rewarding. Most of my work is created on the potter's wheel and fired in a high fire reduction kiln. Recently, I have begun exploring new glazes required for mid-range electric firing, which offer a different look. I intend to continue to explore new directions and hone my skills in this amazing and versatile medium.

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