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Linda Hiatt

Linda Hiatt is a Colorado native who has had the fortune to live in some of the most beautiful areas of Colorado and throughout the Rocky Mountains: the Ute's Four Corners area where she grew up in Durango, the Denver mountains and plains, the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation where she worked in Teacher Corps, and in the backyard of Roxborough State Park where she has lived with her husband Lewis for the past fifteen years. "This country has been embedded into my being, and the light, color, and textures and subjects inform my painting." After retiring from her career as an art educator, Linda has been able to pursue landscape and floral painting in a variety of medium: acrylic, oil, pastel and watercolor.


"I think a painter creates a vision of a moment in such a way that we as observers/listeners/readers feel and share that vision, thereby developing an intimacy with someone who may have lived thousands of years ago or someone who may be alive today. "


"I don't pretend to make great art, but I do agree with Nietzsche's statement, 'The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.'

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