Jo Ann Nelson

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Jo Ann was born on a farm in a small town in Kansas. She remains close to the land and her six siblings and their families, as well as the families of her two children.

She received a B.S. in Consumer and Family, and Art Education, a MA  in Art Education and Studio Arts, form Fort Hays State University, in Hays, Kansas.  All post graduate work was completed in Colorado, where she now makes her home.

The attendance in many art workshops has continued her art education.

She has been involved in art production, art education, and education for a lifetime. She now conducts workshops for adult and children artists and is the juror for many art shows.

Her art can be found in many homes from Maryland to California, Texas to North Dakota as well as Australia and Canada.

Artist Statement:

I am an Acrylic - Mixed Medium Artist, who is always looking  for a situation, an object or form in nature that  will stimulate the creative process.  I rely heavily on an emotional attachment to that source as my topic to create a body of work.  I use many different materials and techniques to create truth as I see it with an archival end product as a necessity. In my creations, whether representational or abstract there is simplicity, a balance of shapes, from color and texture.  I intentionally depict the contours of an object, with shapes and swirls of color and texture to create an essence rather than a likeness. Capturing emotions and feelings of a special memory and transforming them to be observed and felt by the viewer is my purpose to create a piece of art.  I endeavor to create a bridge where a flow of information can transverse the space between my artwork and another individual.    I  wish to challenge and stimulate others to see more tomorrow than they see today.



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