Diana Blair

Colorado photographer, Diana Blair developed her love for photography in her early teens.  In the beginning, it was all black and white photography, processing film in the darkroom with chemicals, printing with an enlarger, cropping and touch ups the old fashion way.  Ask Diana what it was like printing her first roll of film and the unbelievable gratification watching the photo emerge from the developing chemicals.  Imagine the anticipation as you shoot a roll of film only to see the results after processing through the darkroom, normally a multi-day process.  No instant gratification!


Like most of our world today, photography took on a whole new era with technology.  After numerous digital SLR cameras (up to 46 megapixels) she has mastered digital photography and integrated it with artistic computer technology resulting in PhotoArtistry.


Her latest creation is a set of Paris Cafés.  All work is her original photography taken with a professional digital camera. The photographs are transformed into art using a technique of digital overlays.  This technique creates the end product of a Photo Sketch.  She prints them using pigmented ink on Hahnemuhle Museum Archival paper.  They are framed in a black wood frame with a black mat, mounted on form core to allow the deckle edge to standout.  All framed prints are signed, numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity.  Café prints are a limited edition of 50.  She personally completes every step of the process, from photographing to framing.


Cafés of Paris:  www.adobe.ly/37Cjy53

Europe Gallery: www.adobe.ly/2Na8K4G


Email: diana_blair@msn.com

Phone: 303-621-6055​

7301 South Santa Fe Drive
Unit 330,
Littleton, CO 80120

Phone: (720) 724-5730


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