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Bob Coorsen 


Growing up on the East coast, the West has always had a pull for me, for its vastness and just what I call ‘elbow room’. The move to Colorado has provided endless discoveries in my passion for landscape, wildlife, and music. My creative journey continually expands as I explore the diversity in nature or capture a musician's moment during a live performance.

Nothing excites me more than when the story I am trying to record is captured exactly as I had envisioned it. With each of my photos I try to share that story with you. I hope you enjoy these moments as much as I enjoyed creating them.

It would give me great pleasure if a print or two from my gallery makes its way into your home or office. Just go to my website for details.

Visit my gallery at:

All artwork may be ordered in ANY size including Metal, Acrylic, Canvas or Framed

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