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Tammy Medsker


Tammy is a professional Resin/Mixed Media Artist with a passion for using pigments and resin to capture light, texture and depth.  She attributes her creative spirit to her Mother who instilled in her as a child the joy of creating something beautiful using her imagination and intuition.

Tammy is a graduate of the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona where she nourished her training and skill set in order to help others achieve their potential.  Little did she know at that time that the healing power of art would become a gift that she would come to depend upon first-hand in dealing with her own chronic and sometimes debilitating health issues.  Today, In addition to creating beautiful resin art pieces Tammy is actively teaching others to thrive in the face of their own adversities through art workshops in her studio and online.

Tammy loves to immerse herself in the quest to create art that represents the beauty of this earth as she has experienced it.  You will find elements of nature in all of her artwork, from abstract seascapes to complex mineral inspired pieces.  Her travels fuel her inspiration and are often where the ideas for Tammy’s artwork are born.

Tammy has sold work to collectors both locally and internationally.  Her work is currently on display at ROX Art Gallery in Littleton, Colorado, Grace Gallery in the Santa Fe Arts District and online.

When not pouring resin, you might find Tammy in her husband, Michael Scott's adjoining art studio in their home in Centennial Colorado, while snuggled up with her little Italian Greyhound rescue, "Gracie" and "Jasper" the family cat.


Contact Info:



Instagram, @TamsCreativeCorner

YouTube, Tams Creative Corner


17.5x13.5 Coral Garden Cutout
IN Dreams Tam
Emerald Dreams
Amethyst Dreams On White
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