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 Richard Raul 

I’m a father, grandfather, son, brother, cousin, friend, good neighbor, entrepreneur, slave to perfectionism and forever a student and lover of  landscape photography. 

Childhood memories of adventures in the canyons of San Diego still shine bright in my mind. Running the trails, hunting for reptiles or wading through thigh high pond water or building a tree house fort are a few memories that stand out. Always the adventurer filled with curiosity and excitement for what's around the next bend or over the next hill. It's this early feeling of wonder that still drives me to discover quality landscape scenes to create beautiful photographs! 

Keeping you in mind while in the field I often ask “Is this a moment of beauty that can be brought into your home with the personal joy that I felt at the time”? While it is impossible to share the exact feeling of amazement and mystique of “being there” I try to emulate it as best one can with the final product. As Ansel Adams, the grandfather of landscape photography once said, “You Don’t Take A Photograph, You Make It”. I do my best to honor that statement with the same honesty and creativity in every photo for you to enjoy and maybe experience a little of the feeling of “being there”.

Scouting an area is a must if one expects to make photo art out of Mother Nature's rare moments, however, there are some excellent opportunities that show up out of nowhere that summons the impulsive photographer in all of us. But the scouted scenes tend to be more fulfilling for me due to the nature of planning and anticipation of the shoot. Processing, printing and framing the art is my favorite part. From cutting, assembling and staining the wooden frame to loading the canvas material into the printer and watching the final print take form. It's a labor of love for my family, Mother Nature and for those of you who enjoy the art.

While most of my work is of home state Colorado landscapes I have ventured to other states as well such as Wyoming, New Mexico, California, Minnesota, Washington State, and Hawaii (Kauai).

All photos are self printed on gloss canvas media then flat mounted on 1/4" MDF board. Each frame is hand made out of  1" Russian Birch 17 layer plywood and hand saturated with alcohol based stains. Three frame colors are available - Dark Walnut, Black and Grey. Available frame sizes - 9x12, 16x20, 18x24, 20x30, and 48x16 - 60x20 panoramas. Most images can be custom sized/enlarged to suit your needs. This may affect cropping.


For more information please call: 303-229-6481      9:00-4:00 MST                                                                     

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