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Kari Erickson

The inspiration from my work comes from nature of the southwest and my love of flowers. Both of my grandmothers loved gardening, both vegetables and flowers; I have flower gardens of my own and love the feel of the earth. These things in my life have led me to clay. Spending time in nature, living in Colorado, and spending time in the southwest has really influenced my work. 


I create functional and non-functional pottery pieces. both wheel thrown and hand-built.  The colors of the southwest I usually use are complementary, mostly reds and greens, but also different turquoise colors.  I also take notice of creative combinations of color and patterns in architecture, clothing magazines, and home design publications and use these ideas in my work. 


One of my former teachers really taught me to push the clay and move it around, while not being afraid of the clay. My style is planned but looks loose and botanical, usually involving folds which look like leaves, water, and botanicals.  These folds or the manipulation of the clay creates movement, so that the observer’s eye keeps moving around the piece.  Even when I make people, the shawls, hats, and clothing have movement. When people look at my work, I want them to look at all sides, especially in non-functional pieces; if people stop and “study” my work or come back to a piece to look at it again, I know that I have been successful.


Pottery compliments my life and my family and friends are very supportive; they give me lots of energy, compliments and constructive ideas. My husband has helped me create a small studio and complete gallery at my home. I have a friend who is always pushing me to try new ideas and is my art critic. I can’t imagine my life without pottery and hope to be getting my hands dirty late into my life.

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