Judy Sears

My art is inspired by a restless spirit and a love for immersing myself in new places.  Born into a fourth-generation Army family at Ft. Monroe, VA, travel became my home.  International education, friends, and multi-cultural experiences shaped my life.  I have a BS in Management from CSU, Ft. Collins and Colorado Christian University, Denver.  Career was DoD contract management and RFP/proposal work.  Being around the military was always a good fit.


Ever since childhood, I have had a sketch pad by side. Much of my time has always been spent volunteering.  I echo what others say, I receive more than I give.  I spent seven years in the Capitol Hill area of Denver, serving coffee and conversation and friendship to many who were homeless.  I felt much happiness there just being in the moment, no agendas.  Much wisdom was gained from my friends there, not to mention the laughter.  I have many stories.  There is a presence there in helping others that just cannot be logically explained. They found out that I liked to draw, so they began making requests for stories from the Bible.  Thus began my Christian art.  They are so knowledgeable.  I had to look up the stories they requested and then try to imagine myself at the scene, drawing the pictures around myself.  Drawing the pictures using a sketch pad and computer led me to some amazing results, far beyond anyplace I knew I was headed.  My “audience” was delighted and began to frame my art by gluing tiny shards of mirrors, pottery, anything salvaged, together to form a frame. One thing led to another, and here I am.  I am thrilled to be expressing myself through art.  It takes me out of myself and into peace, leaving pain and worries a long way away.  There is so much to give.  It’s huge.


7301 South Santa Fe Drive
Unit 330,
Littleton, CO 80120

Phone: (720) 724-5730


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