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Time and Togetherness: An Evening with Art Encounters

EVENT DATE: September 8th, 5pm until 8pm

RoxArts and Seven Stones Botanical Gardens Cemetery will host an event at Seven Stones, located at 9635 N Rampart Range Rd.  The event, called Time & Togetherness: An Evening with Art Encounters will feature an outdoor art walk and reception. Guests will enjoy food and drinks and listen to live music as they meander through the beautiful Seven Stones gardens and appreciate four newly placed public art sculptures as well as view artwork from 20+ different local artists. 


The sculptures are on display as part of Art Encounters, a year-long outdoor sculpture exhibit provided through Douglas County and made available, in part, with SCFD funds.  The local artists on display are members of the Roxborough Arts Council and Gallery that is located just up the road from the event.  Artwork will range in subject matter and medium from painting, to photography, to ceramics, jewelry, and more.  Guests are sure to find something that speaks to them and all artwork, including the public sculptures, are for sale. 


There will also be special events such as a cakewalk and a silent auction to help fill the evening with added excitement.  For those that are looking for simple relaxation, there are several areas throughout the Seven Stones property to calmly absorb the beauty of nature and art with loved ones.

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