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Bert Paredes

Bert started with photography in 7th grade with a home darkroom that let him develop and print black and white film. In high school he started to improve his camera and darkroom skills. In his Junior year in High School, he was able to participate in computer classes for high school students sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Then, at the University of Texas at Austin, Bert continued his enthusiasm for computers and software, developing a number of programs for the school of architecture and for the mechanical engineering department.


In 1970, after graduation, Bert “won” the first draft lottery for Vietnam and enlisted in the Army which then had a critical shortage of people with skills in computer software and systems architectures. in total, Bert spent 9 years in the US Army, including a 4 year tour in Frankfurt, Germany, which enabled him  to reconnect with his mother’s family. In 1976 the Army then decided to transfer Bert to the Army group at NORAD in Colorado Springs. 


By 1978 the military was downsizing and good opportunities in the Army were scarce, -so Bert moved to Denver and joined what was then Martin Marietta, again in the role of software systems architect and analyst. 


In the past 7 years, Bert has taught adult education classes at ACC in photography and in both genealogy for beginners and German Genealogy.


Martin Marietta (now Lockheed Martin) was the catalyst that enabled Bert and his wife Kate to connect. They have been married for almost 30 years and still like each other. Other than Bert’s photography and Kate’s enthusiasm for quilting, both of us enjoy traveling and seeking new experiences.

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